Hakai no Miko – Foreword: Myth of Creation

Heyas folks,

recently I have been reading some novels on Syousetsu and stumbled on this little novel. After reading a bit into the story, it drew me in. Seeing that the translation hasn’t been updated for over a year now, I decided to spark the interest in the novel once more.

The language is quite sophisticated and rich for a web novel. The author is still active and releases a chapter once every 2-3 weeks with 267 chapters in total at the moment.

I don’t know yet whether I will dedicate myself fully to it, but I kind of find it saddening that no one picked it up, so I will release it as time permits. As for what to expect, read the author’s notes at the start of the foreword.

Translated by Shasu and edited by Kelechi.


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