Chapter 18 – Metropolis, Breitburg

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This is amazing! The first big town I’ve seen after such a long time!” (Wendelin)

Looking down from high ground at Breitburg, the biggest merchant town in the southern part governed by margrave Breithilde, I’m thrilled by the sight of big town after a long time.

I heard that the population of this town was about two hundred thousand.
It was not as great as the town’s during Japan’s Heisei era but after living with many people in a poor village for the past few years, the town looks like a really big town to me.

And it took me a week to get here.

There are mountains that lie between the Baumeister knight territory and Breithburg. There is a caravan that brings goods over the mountains once every several months so a path through the mountains exists for now.
Though it apparently take one month for around trip using that path.

I had thought that they came to do business with us even though we don’t have any specialty products but it seems that half the reason the caravan comes over is as a public service with almost no profit in it.

Margrave Bretihilde, the greatest noble in the southern region of the kingdom that unified the noble’s in the south. The Margrave seems to make an active effort for his vassal, the Baumeister house and its territory’s people to the extent of going into a deficit.

I heard this story before from Erich nii-san. The Baumeister house received a considerable amount of damage to its manpower and financial stability after the unreasonable dispatching of troops to subjugate the Demon Forest.

The dispatching requests came from Margrave Breithilde.
Father’s greed might also have gotten the better of him but a vassal could not decline request from the lord they served. The caravan used to come only twice a year but after that incident, the caravan now comes three times a year. This move was done more to prevent criticisms from other noble’s rather than serve as an apology.

Erich nii-san told me all about that circumstances.

The road in the mountain range exists for now because of that.
I strengthen my body and use the pass while scanning for people.
Monsters in the mountain range seem to come out accordingly.
This place is treated as the monster’s domain but they rarely appear along the mountain road.
That does not mean nothing appears though as normal bears and wolves still frequently appear so caution was still needed when traversing this road.

There’s also a reason why I do not use flight magic.
I don’t want my family and territory’s people who look towards the mountain to see me flying.

The other reason is that I want to exercise a little to improve my physical fitness.

I return home with teleportation magic after I made enough progress for one day. I start back where i stopped the next day by teleporting to where i left off.
This method can be more time efficient though.

Thanks to magic, I succeeded in crossing the mountains in half the time the caravan would take.

What’s wrong boy?” (Gatekeeper)

I’m going shopping in town as an errand.” (Wendelin)

I walked past Breitburg’s gate after my excitement had died down a bit.
Breitburg has a great forest surrounding it that is considered to be monster’s domain close by. Adventurers seclude themselves in this forest and is the reason why Breitburg is surrounded by a three meter wall.

Monsters have never invaded the town even once though so maybe the wall is to protect the townspeople from humans.
Helmut kingdom has not been involved in a war for a long time but that does not mean that it wouldn’t happen anytime soon.
Small-scale skirmishes between nobles for land and water rights always occurs once every few years though.

Nobles with land in particular have many conflicts like this.
Margrave Breithilde is actually does not have a good relationship with some nobles house in their vicinity.

By the way, rights dispute with other nobles never happen to Baumeister house.
Because it is physically isolated by mountains.

Do you have a warrant card boy?” (Gatekeeper)

I don’t have one. I’ll make a member’s card in commercial guild later.” (Wendelin)

Is that so. Can you pay one copper coin for town entrace tax?” (Gatekeeper)

Yes, I can.” (Wendelin)

I actually have a warrant card but it’d be a serious problem if anyone knew that the eighth son of the Baumeister knight family that was eight years old was in Breitburg.

So I tried to enter the town as a boy from a nearby farm village.
Almost everyone that lives in a town has a warrant card but only a few people in a farm village have it as there is no place that issues them.
You need to go to Breitburg to issue it.

Then what can a county bumpkin do to enter town to shop?

The answer is to join a guild.
An adventurer’s guild is the most appropriate one to join but you need to be at least 15 years old to enter.
I can lie about my age a little since there’s no such thing as a family register in this world but it would be useless for me today.

So that leaves the artisan guild or the merchant’s guild.

There are many kids like me that become apprentices of renowned artisans and merchants.
And there many case where they go to Breitburg to run an errand as instructed by their master or boss.

I see. So you want to sell that rabbit?” (Gatekeeper)

The gatekeeper guard confirmed the several rabbit skins hanging from my waist.
This is something I obtained in the of my journey.

Yes, I plan to sell them as I heard that it was needed for a member’s card from the commercial guild.” (Wendelin)

To be exact, it was needed for a warrant card.
The town residents own a warrant card from the beginning. The member’s card that belong to various kinds of guilds will serves as substitution.

You had an obligation to show this when trading goods for crime prevention purposes.
It was surprisingly strict but there are also shops in the slums that do business without a warrant card. Guild member’s cards were originally a trap designed to entice outsiders into establishing their own business’s in town.

I can make a member’s card easily thanks to that.

I sets foot into Breitburg after paying one copper coin as tax to the guard.
It seems we must pay tax when entering the town.

Though one copper coin is not really that much.

Coincidently, the monetary system throughout the Lingaia continent is all unified.

Although money designs were different between the Helmut kingdom and Urquhart holy empire, the conversion of gold, silver and copper used has been unified. As such, there is no problem in using it anywhere.

There’s also different money types and values but cents has been adopted as the currency unit.
I only had the opportunity to feel the monetary system of the economy from trading with the caravan that comes once every few months. I usually carry out my transactions with the barter system as our Baumeister knight territory rarely uses actual currency. (e/d. The barter system here refers to trading items for items. If you can remember the past chapters, Wendelin has always exchanged his game for something else. No actual money is used throughout his transactions in the Baumeister knight territory.)

One copper coin is one cent, ten copper coins or one copper plate is ten cents, ten copper plates or one silver coin is hundred cents,
ten silver coins or one silver plate is a thousand cents, ten silver plates or one gold coin is ten thousand cents, ten gold coins or one gold plate is a hundred thousand cents, ten gold plates or one platinum coin is one million cents and ten platinum coins or one platinum plate is ten million cents.

You can buy one apple for a copper coin which the same amount of tax frequently paid to enter the town so about one hundred yen for one cent when converted into yen.

Welcome to commercial guild. Issuing a member’s card isn’t it? Please fill out this form.” (clerk)

I entered a large building which was the commercial guild as told by the guard Onii-san. It was crowded with people who came here for various reasons.
When I talk to the young Onee-san that sits at the counter that written as member’s card issuance counter, she, in a polite tone, made me to fill up a form.

This form requires me to fill in my name, address and age.
I wrote my current age for the age column, put my address as a poor village that was a little away from here, and I decided to pretend to be a commoner kid where Wendelin was my only last name.

This was obviously a misstatement but a lie like this won’t became a problem.
There also some people who lie about their name unabashedly.

Member’s card issued for first time is free. Note that it will take one silver to reissue the card if you lose it. And be sure to pay 10% of your total sales to the stationed supervisor in the specified position. Please bear in mind that harsh treatment is waiting for violating the rules.”

I take my leave from the receptionist Onee-san and start to move to where the bazaar is located.
Just like receptionist Onee-san description, when you enter the town’s main street through a little narrow alley, there many young, old men and women selling various things by using a mat set up on the road side.

There are also kids like me here. That is why the receptionist Onee-san would not be surprised even if I request for a commercial guild member’s card.

Are you helping your father boy?” (Guild Staff)

The one talking to me is a middle-aged man and seems to be one of the guild’s staff members that patronising the bazaar. He greets me kindly thinking that I’m a dutiful son that came to sell the prey that my parent had hunted.

I catch it with my own traps.” (Wendelin)

There is no need for me to claim that I can use magic. I have decided to say that I captured the rabbit with my own trap near the village I live.
When I look around, there also another kid that sells a rabbit caught with a trap just like me.

Well, You are quite skilled for a kid. You can sell it in the vacant place over there. It will sell quickly as the stock for rabbit fur and meat is always lacking. I guess the current market price for one meat and fur is about five copper plates.” (Guild Staff)

It’s around five thousand yen.

I can see why on my way to the place pointed out by the guild staff I saw people selling rabbit fur and meat with all the price tag of five copper plates.

So it’s around 4,500 to 5,000 yen.

I do not want to spend extra time waiting for a buyer by setting my prices higher so I set the price of my stuff to five copper plates as per the normal price. I arrange the four rabbits on the mat that I brought.

And a man voice call out to me immediately.
A man around forty years old that looked like a merchant.

Are you helping your father?” (Merchant)

No, this is something I have captured with my own trap.” (Wendelin)

Oh, You’re quite skilled for a youngster. And also your way of tanning the fur is quite good as the meat is still fresh.” (Merchant)

Draining the blood from the meat, dismantling and tanning the skin.
It simply can be done with magic. The end product is inferior to professional top quality goods but that can be expected. My product can be seen to be decent quality.
It was quite an effort to learn that magic though and it was another challenge to dismantle my catch because of the empathy i felt towards it.

The meat that I bought from supermarkets in my previous life is nothing but a product that had been bundled into a pack.
I had difficulty especially when it came to draining out the blood and discarding the internal organs.
Let just say that it was something a former modern person like me can’t get used to so easily.

I’ll take everything. I’d be happy if you come to sell it again.” (Merchant)

Thanks for buying.” (Wendelin)

The rabbits sold for a total of two silver cons. I paid two coppers plates to the guild staff as stated earlier.

What would you do now?” (e/d not sure who said this. Could be the receptionist or the merchant)

I had been asked by father to buy rice.” (Wendelin)

I guess it’s about five coppers plate for ten kilos. Though it differs quite a bit depending on where the rice is produced and varieties available.”

I express thanks to guild staff and return home using teleport after buying ten kilograms of rice for five copper plates from a nearby rice shop.

The purpose is of course to cook the rice I bought earlier.

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