Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 23: The Rückner Brothers – End

Heyas folks,

here’s the last part of this interlude. I also added the illustration from a previous chapter here because it is the right place. With this we finally finished this entire Kurt arc (I hope xD) *phew*

Please thank Asvan for enabling this interlude!!

I will release Omake 2 tomorrow and the next regular release of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! will happen next Sunday, if all goes as planned.

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|>> Enjoy the interlude !! <<|


Some may still remember, but 4 months back I tried to embed some anti-theft protection on this blog. As this didn’t work out well and was a solution that caused more problems than it solved, I stopped doing it.

This time I implemented a function (thanks to GM Rusaku), which is more reader friendly as it requires only little effort to not be affected by it and that’s only limited to those using mobiles or the Firefox reader to read the translated chapters.

I won’t try to justify this measure because it’s my blog, so I decide the roadmap for it. But what I want you the readers to understand is that even if I and other translators don’t have a legal license (in most cases at least) to translate these novels, that still doesn’t diminish the work put into the translation itself (I wouldn’t be surprised if I put more than 100 hrs into translation/editing and releases in my vacations the last 2,5 weeks, to give you an idea). These translations are offered to you for free (I don’t demand any payment and won’t ever do so, I don’t hide my chapters behind adfly walls and I also don’t use ads on this site).

I actively support sites like Novel Updates or Reddit, as they make my chapters available to many without actually taking the content for themselves.

However I don’t support those, who scrape the content from my and other translation sites, claim it to be their own work and make money with that.

If you want to call me a hypocrite for that, so be it, I don’t really care. I like translating and I like making it available for readers, but I hate people taking advantage of the work I put into things.

I’m sorry that you, the readers, are getting in-between an ongoing dispute between translators and aggregation sites, but complaining to me will be, in my eyes, barking up the wrong tree.