Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 48: Achievement of the request and the chaos at the Baumeister household – Part 1

Evenin’ folks,

first off, no I won’t say sorry for the delay. There was a shitload of complaints I wanted to write here, but I’m kinda too tired to do that now, so whatever… Let me just tell you this much: 4% of translation took me around 1 hour and this part 1 is at 85% of the entire chapter. I now really know why LN translators break their chapters into 5+ parts…

Thus, my advice is to get a coffee and a good chunk of time to read this chapter. Ah, I will finish the chapter sometime during the week, depending on my work, though at latest next weekend.

On a brighter side: I made a facebook profile for this group to a.) make it easier to follow the releases since everyone seems to like facebook and b.) spread the word of great Japanese web novels out to those, who aren’t yet addicted. So, help out and follow us here!

Oh, and accessing the old wordpress blog won’t help much. Best solution is to follow this blog! 😉

Well, enough from me |>> Enjoy! <<|