Summoned Slaughterer – Chapter 119: Mess Around

Heyas folks,

with this chapter we are entering volume 14 of the WN and volume 7 of the LN. The seeds spread by the MC are slowly starting to sprout and this chapter is in sign of that. *waku waku*

Thanks to the INT Patrons I was able to purchase volume 5 ~ 7 of the LN and have already extracted the illustrations. I will add the ones from volume 5 and 6 once I get time to do so and the ones of volume 7 as we go. Find below an illustration describing an event happening only in the LN at the end of volume 6. Ah, and I also updated the cover in the TOC. 🙂

Well, enjoy the chapter~


Summoned Slaughterer – Chapter 111: Dancing In The Moonlight

A dance of blood and gore…


Translated by a dead Shasu-chan.

By the way, on 22nd June Volume 7 of Summoned Slaughterer was released !!! I’m really happy that the Light Novel is that popular. 😀

An extract of the summary… “finally the time has come for Queen Imeraria herself to move to the front-line” … fufufufu

Stay tuned and look forward to it. ^^