Hakai no Miko – Chapter 1.21: Illusions

Heyas folks,

with this we have already passed the 20-chapter mark and the plot is starting slowly to thicken. If you have read this far already, be as kind to write a review on NovelUpdates or at least give the novel a voting. I kind of feel saddened every time I see those reviews judging the early stages of the novel and the initial votes that are heavily influenced by the typical tag-based voting.

Chapter 22 is twice as long as chapter 19, in other words the longest chapter so far, but since my editor won a game I played with him, I will do my very best to finish TLing the chapter tomorrow.

Anyway, edited by Quillshot; evil is lurking around the corner~


Hakai no Miko – Chapter 1.15: Decision

Hello folks,

here’s another chapter for this week.

Also, please notice, I adopted the author’s way of numbering the parts. The bigger arcs are called chapters by him (4 of those exist currently) and each chapter has varying amount of parts or stories. Since it would get only confusing later on, if we enter a new chapter and I keep on counting up without a care, I decided to implement this change early on while there’s still only little content out. 🙂

Edited by quillshot.