Hakai no Miko – Chapter 2 – Story 2: First Horn – Chance Meeting

Last chapter we learned that all the future references go as far as 1,500 years into the future and that there had even been a book burning in-between. I kinda wanted to emphasize that part since there are always some readers complaining about the spoilers in this novel. I think that relativizes things quite a bit though and is a major fact that has gone a bit unnoticed.

Anyway, enjoy the next story~


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Hakai no Miko – Chapter 2 – Prologue 1: Youth

Heyas folks,

thanks for staying so patient. I managed to build up a bit of stock as you can see in the ToC, which will be very helpful for a stable weekly release. I plan to add two more chapters on top as stock, but that should be no issue with my coming vacations next week. 🙂

So we are basically back in the game. ^.^

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