Hakai no Miko – Chapter 2 – Prologue 1: Youth

Heyas folks,

thanks for staying so patient. I managed to build up a bit of stock as you can see in the ToC, which will be very helpful for a stable weekly release. I plan to add two more chapters on top as stock, but that should be no issue with my coming vacations next week. 🙂

So we are basically back in the game. ^.^

Anyway, this chapter was edited by quillshot.


Hakai no Miko – Chapter 1.72-5: Character Sheet

And as promised last week. Here’s the character sheet for all the cast appearing in chapter 1. There’s not much new information, but it’s not like there’s none at all either.

Most importantly, something quillshot and I discussed has been finally solved! Maybe you will be able to guess correctly. Hints: It’s about how to name a certain character appearing in the first half of chapter 1. 😉

Anyway, with this I will take a short break of a few weeks to stock up a bit on chapters for Hakai no Miko before starting on Volume 2, just as announced in the previous release post.

This character sheet will be later moved in its entirety into the Glossary.


Hakai no Miko – Chapter 1.72: Decisive Battle 12 – The Origin of a Legend (End)

Heyas folks,

this chapter marks the end of the first arc – a prelude called “Chapter of Setting the Plains ablaze.” The last part of this arc remaining is a character sheet which I will translate next to fill up the glossary.

As you will see, the author is preparing various story lines with this chapter. In other words, we are entering the truly interesting part of the novel. The next arc is called “Chapter of Initial Movements.”

Before I start on the new chapter, I want to stock up on a few stories first though. As that’s difficult with my RL schedule being what it is, I will only resume translation after being done with that (2 or 3 weeks after next week’s character sheet release).

If you like this novel as much as I do, please spread word of it. While the reader-base is slowly growing, it’s still stuck at a level only justifying a monthly or bi-monthly release – in my eyes totally unfitting for a gem like this. 🙂