Maou no Ki – Prologue 1: Rebirth. That doesn’t mean it was a reincarnation


last week I promised you another teaser. Seeing as Paladin of the End has already been licensed by an English online publisher, I chose another one that interests me. Personally I believe this one might be even more interesting than Imperial Wars.

Only problem with that one is its length. While Imperial Wars’ chapters are pretty short, these one’s can even get as long as Hachinan chapters (though not as dull and repetitive).

I will translate a few more of this one as teaser and see if I can handle it as fourth project or if it’s too much. If it’s possible, I will drop Imperial Wars for now, else I will give that one a go and let this one rest. Well we shall see, I will decide soon enough (external opinions won’t be considered, so don’t bother).

Since there has only 1 chapter of Maou no Ki been translated, I have re-translated it. I will add a ToC and all the other stuff on the weekend.

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Imperial wars and my stratagems – Chapter 3: Knowledge of the current state and choice

Not really too sure on the Chinese character and dynasty references at the start. If I made some error, please feel free to point it out.


Translated by Shasu, Edited by Marco

Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 56: The woman’s named 『Storm』 – Part 1

Heyas folks,

it seems we are nearing the completion of this volume 5 in the LN as the last unused illustration goes into this chapter. Well nothing too surprising though seeing as to how long the chapters themselves are. This one has over 1.200 lines in the raw and 24k characters (excluding spaces). Thus I originally intended to split it into 4~5 parts, but as I’ve been diligent today it will likely be 3~4 parts instead.

Well, I will keep the blah blah short, so

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Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Chapter 19: A carriage travels along the road

Heyas folks,

this is the first chapter of the new arc. And this time I managed to TL it well ahead of time so that Marco could edit it!! 😀

The PoV is from a new character. And the story seems to progress by leaps and bounds. Or how do you say it usually, “the plot thickens” ?


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Imperial wars and my stratagems – Chapter 1: Waking up and that place

Evenin’ everyone,

it’s spring and Shasu-kun is once again re-thinking his entire line-up. So I browsed through Syosetsu and was disillusioned seeing how little worthwhile novels there are.

Well, originally I wanted to go for Paladin of the End, but just as I was re-translating chapters 1~4 someone picked it up. My luck, I guess. Wasted efforts, but oh well, whatever.

So next I ran into this little one. Though calling the novel little is kind of an understatement. The author started in June 2016 and already got almost 200 chapters written down. Well, you will see yourself, but these are short. Kind of like Black Summoner. Takes me about 1-2 hours to translate a chapter, so, it’s a nice series’ to do in-between when a change is needed. The tags (added them to the ToC), it has, are nice as well. It’s heavily referencing to Chinese history though, so I have put it up as teaser for now, to see whether I can handle the translation without issues. I checked NU and it doesn’t look like anyone is on it, but if I’m wrong about it, please do tell me.

I will add another teaser in a few days. Though that one has really long chapters. Almost as long as Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! though I think it’s much better.

Well, we shall see. I translated up to chapter 3 of this series’ already but I have no time to edit chapter 2 and 3 today cause it’s getting late.

Anyways, |>> Enjoy <<|