Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 52: It seems to be Interlude 6

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here we go with the next chapter of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de. I decided to name it chapter 52 instead of 52.5 or such as it it is more part of the main story than a real Interlude, though it has interludish aspects.

This chapter has been edited by mmors. He made my crappy English into something more readable and will continue to do so from now on. I tried to warn him what he is signing up for, but well, he didn’t want to listen to me, so let’s all welcome him on-board. 😀


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Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 60: A new trigger – Part 2

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first off, a big thanks to Aldo A., Alec. R. and Marcio M. for donating towards an extra chapter of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! It didn’t add up to an entire chapter but as mentioned last week already, I will release 2 instead of 1 part at once today. Thus you get a bit to read today thanks to them, and it’s an interesting read too. ^^

One note from my side: As I did with part 1, I changed the tenses around in this chapter. It kinda disturbs me, if the author talks about past events while using present tense. As it is a change from my side, I wanted to at least mention it.

The next chapter has 20k chars aka is ~20% longer than this one so I will probably split it into 4 parts depending on how much time I got.

~ Thanks to the Patrons of Hachinan for their support! ~

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Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 51: It seems to be trying to practise magic

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here’s another chapter of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de.

The next two “chapters” are interludes. Well you guys know my aversion towards those, so I checked them out to see whether I really have to translate them. Interlude 6 was a no-brainer, so that one will be next. Interlude 7 will be skipped though. I read it and consider it not really vital for the main story, sorry. With almost 400 chapters out I will concentrate on the main story for the regular weekly release, anything extra will be handled over extra chapters, just like with Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou!

The next regular chapter will be released on next Tuesday.


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Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 48: It seems to be the night in the forest

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today’s chapter comes with a little eye candy, so, enjoy. The author loves his cliffhangers, but I can already tell you that the next chapter will have an eye candy too, though in a different meaning.

As 2 extra chapters have been booked, I will do a double release tomorrow and release the second weekly vacation chapter on Thursday. Plenty of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de to come this week, so look forward to it. Of course everyone’s invited to enable even more Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de chapters for this week. 🙂


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Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 60: A new trigger – Part 1

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today you get the first part of the new Hachinan information dum… err chapter. I cut it at 35% at an appropriate place (by my standards). The PoV for the first part is Hermann. The author was screwing around with the tenses, so I took the freedom to fix them up a bit.

Also, I will disable the option for extra chapters of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! after today. The interest was rather low this time around anyway, I guess. As for what was donated up until today, I will release next Sunday the missing 2 parts, instead of only 1, of the chapter (will cost me something like 9 hours of writing a text wall in one go, but whatever).

Ah yea, one last thing, mainly aimed towards the native English speakers: I’m looking for a new editor for Hachinan tte sore wa nai deshou! Well, I guess that I don’t really need to tell you, that it’s you missing out on content as I can’t really reproduce the nuances of the different kinds of speaking styles of the characters (high-handed, noble, crude, etc.) as non-native English speaker, though I can differentiate them in Japanese. With a proper editor, it would become easier to read those text walls, too, since most can probably fix the flow and add some more flavour to it, but oh well. You know how to contact me or likewise you can simply send in an edited version of chapter 24.


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